About Me

    I enjoy living in the beautiful state of New Hampshire with my husband and two children. I hope to show you my world through photos of all the beautiful seasons that we are so lucky to have here in New England.  Over the years I have helped friends and family with their design projects. Now they have inspired me to start this blog.

    I met my husband,Carmine, in college while at Wentworth Institute in Boston, MA where I received a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. I worked in the field of commercial interior design prior to having my two children. I took some time off to raise my family, but once you become a designer you never stop looking at the world through, what I like to call, "design-colored-glasses". Just ask my husband how long it took us just to pick out our china pattern early on in our marriage. And every other design detail since then. With us both being in design fields, we sometimes butt heads with our design opinions. My husband is an Architect working in Massachusetts. I might get him to visit with us once in a while. That might take some convincing, but more on that later.

    Please join me on this journey into residential design. I believe the best decorated homes are those that evolve with you over time. After a busy day at work or shuttling your children to a million different places, what puts a smile on your face when you walk through your door?  The answer is, your own personal haven, your home. Good design can be found for all budgets, if you are resourceful. And there is nothing wrong with completing projects in phases.

    I hope this blog inspires you to find your own personal style. Then you will be able to turn your house into a reflection of you, all while keeping within your budget, one corner at a time.


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